Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Own your Digital Assets

With our NFT Services, you can attach Irrefutable ownership to your various digital assets such as licenses, certificates, awards or any digital goods. NFT is not just for monkey JPGs. It's underlying tech has many enterprise use cases. We believe that NFTs are a revolutionary way to create and transfer ownership of digital assets. This is a new era of digital asset creation and management, where you can own your digital identity.

NFT Marketplace

Enterprises or creators, especially those directly dealing with digital content can build NFT marketplace and attract millions of artists to put their content on display. This is a welcoming change for the community that otherwise struggles to earn due for their hard work. Enabling creators with a NFT marketplace also opens up opportunities for brands and businesses to sponsor artists they want to collaborate with. This can help them reach audiences they otherwise wouldn’t have access too, while giving creators an avenue to earn money from their work in a way that doesn’t compromise the integrity of their creations.

  • Art Marketplace
  • Utility Markeplace
  • General Marketplace
  • Music Marketplace

NFT based Games

Implement your gaming idea with NFT to bring your vision to life. The NFT ecosystem is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs, creators and developers who want to build their own game. NFT provides vast opportunities for developers to monetize their games and create a thriving ecosystem.

  • Gaming Platform
  • Action & Adventure
  • Casino & Card Games
  • Customised Games
  • Arcade Games
  • PvP Battle Games

NFT Land

NFT Lands are unlimited virtual real estate waiting to be unlocked. We can create a NFT Land for you and set it up so that you can sell as many plots of land as you want, to whomever you choose. You can also invite your friends and family to visit your land, chat with them through our built-in chat feature, or even go on quests together! When you’re ready, you can sell your land for NFTs or for ETH. You can even rent out plots of land to other users if you want to make some money while you’re away!

  • Web based
  • Cross Platform
  • Mobile based
  • Custom Solutions

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