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Metaverse is a shared and immersive virtual world where users can interact with each other, construct experiences, and create in-world objects and landscapes. Metaverses typically have their own intrinsic economies and cryptocurrencies, with which users can buy, sell, and trade characters, digital real estate, items, avatar accessories, and many more. Their ownership is recorded on the blockchain and can even be exchanged for digital assets.



Decentraland is a shared 3-D virtual world where people entertain, network, and do business. Utilize this space to market your business and create an environment where people can connect with one another. Decentraland is an open source platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications.

  • Community
  • Digital Store
  • Virtual Events
  • Play to Earn
  • Digital Factory
  • Rewards

Meta Horizon

Meta’s Horizon Worlds is a social VR application that allows users to explore virtual worlds in an interactive and immersive manner, engaging in both content consumption and creation. Workrooms is the immersive way to meet teammates, brainstorm ideas, share presentations and get things done, whether you’re wearing a virtual reality headset or joining from a regular video call.

  • Team Meeting
  • Avatar Creation
  • Client Interaction
  • Custom Meeting Room

Corporate Metaverse

Curate a virtual experience that's as unique as your brand, and allows you to connect and engage with your customers. By creating an interactive and immersive experience, you can connect with your audience in a way that's more meaningful than ever before. By combining the latest technology with creative thinking and strategy, we can help you build a virtual experience that inspires your customers to take action.

  • Customized Metaverse
  • Brand Metaverse
  • Virtual Experience
  • Virtual Meetings

Virtual Events

Transform your event from a stale live stream, into an experience to remember. Inspire, engage and connect your company/brand to the audience and the world emotionally. Emoji´s and gestures enable a truly social and collective experience. We can help you bring your next event alive, by creating a truly social experience for everyone involved.

  • Concert
  • Carnival
  • Meetups
  • Gig Shows

Virtual Set Design

Our Team of Creative Designers can help you out of this world sets for your next virtual events. We’ll make sure that your event is a success by working with you to create a set that fits your brand and audience. Why limit creativity in a world where everything is possible? We have the tools and the talent to bring your virtual event from concept to reality. We’ll work with you to create a set that fits your brand and audience, so that they can truly immerse themselves in your event.

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