Corporate Learning

Tailored and Scalable training for your work force

Education has gone beyond the boundaries of colleges and universities. It has infiltrated into the workplace. This has introduced more appealing and immersive approaches, irrespective of the fact your learner could be a K-12 student or a business leader.We work with global organizations across industries to design and develop quality content to help them meet their business objectives. Our corporate training solutions ensure engaging and informative learning experiences that empower employees and drive performance, delivering the desired results. Our best-in-class technology and design experts work with you to make sure that our solutions are tailored to your context, technically sound, hassle-free, and accessible.


Custom eLearning

We understand that every organization is different, with varied goals . By integrating storylines and immersive knowledge-based nuggets, enterprises can introduce courses for induction, application sales, business skills, leadership development, and compliance training. Our custom eLearning solutions cater to every unique requirement. From creating a learning strategy from scratch to implementing and repurposing an existing plan, Phibonacci involves content and product development experts to develop options best suited for your requirements. Our dedicated pool of resources works right from the content analysis stage to the testing and delivery stages to ramp up the eLearning course within the stipulated time-frame.

  • On-Boarding
  • Process Training
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Interaction
  • Tools Trainings
  • Specialized Training
  • Maintanance
  • Compliance Training

Interactive Learning

Organizations today are incorporating interactive training into their learning and development strategies, moving away from the traditional model of classroom-based, instructor-led training. Interactive training has proven to be more effective in terms of delivering quality output. Employees must constantly keep upskilling themselves in order to be at par with the new technologies. For this reason, organizations develop corporate training programs for employees to achieve their business goals. Phibonacci helps the organizations to develop the interactive learning solutions in from of gamified scenarios, microlearning, branching scenarios, Interactive eBooks, and video-based learning.

  • Self Learning
  • Guided Training
  • Instructer-Led Training
  • Virtual Learning

Gamified eLearning

The way to gather knowledge has changed. But that didn’t change the rush one gets after winning a competition. Whether a student or a team member, they all want to know more and touch the finish line first. Only, the “finish line” rechristened itself to “Levels”. This approach has made learning more interesting, intriguing and involved for both the breed - students and co-workers. Our experience in creating meaningful learning experiences helps us deliver the right game-based learning solution to address your performance and development needs. We conceptualize, design, develop and deliver custom game-based learning solutions that infuse gameplay into the learning experience, never losing sight of the learning objectives and outcomes. Our gamified virtual learning solutions are designed to motivate and engage the learner throughout the learning cycle. We develop puzzles, problem-solving games, strategic games, situational judgment scenarios, and challenge-based games that facilitate creative problem solving, innovation, and collaboration.

Virtual Reality Training

VR training is an immersive learning experience that recreates real life settings and simulates work challenges. Critically, with Virtual Reality, workplace scenarios that were once too difficult, expensive, or dangerous to train for, (such as emergency protocols and disaster preparedness, hazardous material spills, realistic heights training, etc.), become vastly more practical, cost-effective, and safe in an immersive simulation. Phibonacci is one of the best Virtual Reality companies which delivers effective virtual reality solutions to address unique challenges.

  • Oculus Quest
  • Augmented Reality
  • Steam VR
  • Microsoft Hololens

Hyper Interactive 3D Simulations

PhiBonacci Hyper-Interactive 3D Simulations have been developed using our proprietary Phi-Tech Engine that produces rich Hyper-interactive 3D content with negligible hardware resource dependence, including low processing power, RAM, graphics power, etc. Our Hyper-Interactive 3D Simulations will run practically on any hardware configuration currently available.

PhiBonacci Hyper-Interactive 3D Simulations are scalable and deployable seamlessly as it is platform agnostic which means they can run on any version of Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS, Windows OS, Smart touch panel OS, Android virtual reality OS, etc., including future tech such as Google AR glasses, Apple Glasses, etc.

Video Based Training

Video-based learning literally refers to learning experiences facilitated through video. With its ability to combine camera footage, animation, graphics, text, and audio, videos create a multisensory learning experience, unlike any other e-learning format. Because of this, it’s no surprise that video-based learning is quickly becoming a dominant standard of online training.

When it comes to corporate training, research has shown that there are several benefits to opting for video, including improved learner retention rates. Phibonacci provide elearning video production for corporate training, as well as online learning for the public sector, education providers and charities.


Assessments & Certifications

AI based Assessment is starting to play a huge role in a lot of candidates’ and employee’s psychometric assessments, starting from realistic chat bot conversations with candidates in SJT format (situational judgement tests) to proven decisions that are algorithm-based. The assessment will check the learner’s understanding of the concepts covered in the quest as well as the learner's ability to apply the concepts in real-life situations. Certificates will be awarded to all who complete the assessment.

Translation & Localization

Education has become more lucid and localized for a learner to pick up the core information. You would like to be in sync with the ways your learners are consuming information and like it the best. You need to offer your content to your learner shedding the language barrier so that the information meets its functional goal.This is the moment when you want to simplify your information in the language of your learner because that’s how they consume and reproduce the best.

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